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5 Reasons to Choose Us



Provide us with your public information, and with our service, we will quickly and without upfront payment create a prototype of your website. This way, you can see your web project already 70-80% ready for implementation.



Choose the payment system that suits you best: monthly or annually. Website development, technical support, and hosting are already included in this payment. In the case of a two-year payment, enjoy the service for 5 years.



Free consultations and continuous expansion of the easyLanding platform's functionality make our service the best choice for your business.



We guarantee a simple and intuitive admin panel for your website. Content adjustments and stat tracking - everything will be under your control.



A sitemap generator, a blog module, and the ability to insert all necessary scripts for SEO - all of these make your website ready for high rankings and maximum visibility on the internet.

What can
you do


Update all content


Create additional pages


Publish your own articles

Create commercial offers

Customize landing pages for sales and online stores

Create landing pages tailored to your needs, products, or services and receive inquiries from clients

Manage the site from your mobile phone

Perform all these actions conveniently from your mobile phone

We create a website for you

Don't waste time on designing a website yourself
Our experts will professionally handle this task without additional costs, organizing content into convenient blocks and creating effective navigation

Separate Content

We provide you with a fast and convenient admin panel
You'll have the ability to edit content without interfering with the site structure. This allows for effective content management, focusing on its quality and relevance

Individual Integration

We are ready to integrate any custom code into your site
This way, you'll get unique functionality tailored to your needs. Flexibility in working with code allows us to create individual solutions

Clean Code

Our platform generates only the necessary code for the website
We avoid excess in the form of unnecessary plugins and modules. This ensures optimized performance and prevents unnecessary load on the site

Our advantages

over ordinary, pseudo-simple website builders


The tariff includes website development, styling and branding, access to the admin panel, hosting, SSL certificate, subdomain, or configuration of your domain



✓ One-page website
✓ Individual styling
✓ Creation of a 5-block website by us
✓ Unlimited number of blocks
✓ Automatic Google indexing
✓ Basic SEO

Suitable for freelancers and small businesses to showcase their services and competitive advantages in the market


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✓ Multi-page website
✓ Complete website branding
✓ Creation of three pages by us
✓ Unlimited number of pages
✓ Indexing all pages in Google
✓ Unlimited blog

Suitable for corporate business websites, e-commerce, or content portals. It includes all the features for SEO promotion.


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  • We create a prototype of your website absolutely free based on the information you provide.


    If you choose annual payment within the 'FREELANCE' plan, we will help turn this prototype into a fully functional turnkey website. If you opt for the 'BUSINESS' plan, we will create the first and two additional pages on your website turnkey at no additional cost.


    The cost of creating additional pages is from 500 to 1000 hryvnias one-time, depending on the complexity of the page.


    If you choose monthly payment, our work will be limited to creating the prototype. The development of each individual page turnkey is billed as the creation of an additional page.


    However, please note that with the 'BUSINESS' plan, you always have the ability to create an unlimited number of pages yourself at no additional cost, and with the 'FREELANCE' plan, add countless blocks and edit the content of your landing.

  • This process consists of the following stages:


    Stage #1:
    Log in to our platform using your Google account and provide us with public information about yourself, that is, what you want to see on your website.


    Stage #2:
    We create a free prototype of your website based on the information provided.


    Stage #3:
    If you like the prototype, you choose a plan and make a payment directly on this prototype in the easyLanding system.


    Stage #4:
    After that, we complete the development of your website according to the selected plan and period, preparing it 'turnkey'

  • The hosting fee is already included in the tariff, so you do not need to pay extra for it.


    Additionally, your personal subdomain on our domain elanding.com.ua is included in the tariff. Therefore, if you are satisfied with the website address https://[your_email_@].elanding.com.ua/, it is also part of the tariff and does not require additional payment.


    However, if you wish to have a unique website address on your own domain, you need to purchase this domain, and we will set it up for your website free of charge.

  • No, website promotion is an entirely separate product that requires marketing analysis, making appropriate decisions, and an additional budget.


    However, the tariff includes the technical aspect of SEO! You have the ability to edit headers at all blog levels, provide alt text for images, and edit page descriptions directly from your dashboard without the need to intervene in the code. Additionally, all website updates (including blog posts) are automatically reflected in the sitemap

  • Yes! When paying for a two-year period, we will provide unlimited access to your account on 3 year.

Customer Reviews

Ігор Кириленка


They quickly and qualitatively made me a website, and the support is exceptionally good. Highly recommend.

Andrii Onkin


Got it quickly! Everything is clear and easy! Very grateful!



I ordered the creation of a website for a plumbing company from the developer, and I was very satisfied with their work. The website was developed quickly and professionally. The most important thing is the democratic price for such a service. The design meets our expectations, and the functionality of the website helps our clients easily find information about our services. The developer was and is always in touch and ready to consider our wishes. Overall, it was a very positive collaboration, and I recommend Igor for creating various websites.

Oleksiy Novozhilov


eLanding platform is genuinely convenient and user-friendly for creating your own page, website, blog, landing page, or a small online store. It's not necessary to know how to code from scratch. I also want to emphasize an important thing – you can edit the content of your pages from your phone. The eLanding team always provides guidance on how to improve or offers several options to solve a problem. The platform is evolving, and improvements are being added to the functionality... in conclusion, I recommend giving it a try. Wishing the eLanding team success and prosperity.

Elena Martysheva


Fast and qualitatively organized website, easy content filling, and correction work. Clear settings menu and simple logic for the user. Very satisfied with the work!



Amazing resource, an incredible builder, and the level of communication from its developers with customers is outstanding. Thanks to EasyLanding, we saved a decent amount and enjoy our collaboration. Now, creating a website is not just easy but very simple and enjoyable. You can always add and change something, see your statistics, and promote SEO. You can quickly analyze visits, geography, and make promotion decisions. Life has become more fun and efficient!

Nadiya Tsoi

Financial Company

We are very grateful for the cooperation. You are easy and comfortable to work with. You made our website quite quickly and with high quality. We will recommend you.

We are waiting for your application!